Regular engagement with a wide range of stakeholders helps SWN to understand their positions, gain insights and share information about our operations. SWN is committed to transparency and openness, and we proactively seek out stakeholders to engage in problem-solving dialogues and productive partnerships. The following are examples of our interaction with stakeholders. Frequency of engagement is ad hoc unless otherwise stated.


  • Financial reports and teleconferences (annually and quarterly)
  • Meetings with institutional investors (more than 700 in 2017)
  • Analyst conferences and bus tours (45 in 2017)
  • Meetings with investors who are specifically interested in environmental, social or governance issues
  • Additional regular contact through our Investor Relations function


  • SWNet (intranet)
  • Town hall meetings
  • Support and networking groups
  • Safety training
  • Performance management
  • Wellness programs
  • Connection (triennial employee newsletter)
  • Surveys
  • Leadership and professional development programs
  • Ethics hotline
  • Day-to-day interactions

See the Workforce section for more information.


  • Safety Stand Down days and safety training
  • Monthly safety meetings at SWN sites
  • Special project meetings at SWN sites to address specific health, safety and environment (HSE) issues and corrective actions
  • Operational reviews by division management
  • Vendor forums and audits
  • SWNlink communications, including operational announcements and quarterly newsletters
  • ISNetworld, a third-party service for hiring, communicating with and managing contractors

See the Contractors page for more information.


  • Regular contact through our Marketing group

Landowners and Holders of Mineral Rights

  • Access via website
  • Direct conversations and negotiations – individually and in small groups
  • Monthly payment statements to royalty owners
  • Semiannual newsletters
  • Landowner hotline

Local Communities (including residents, elected officials, community groups, chambers of commerce, emergency responders)

  • Regular contact via SWN community liaisons
  • Everyday Heroes events (annually in our operating areas)
  • Employee volunteerism (typically monthly)
  • Safety training
  • Hotlines
  • Crisis drills (annually)

See the Communities section for more information.

State- and Federal-Level Government Officials

  • Participation in select SWN health, safety and environment meetings
  • Legislative and regulatory engagement

See the Strategy and Governance section for more information.

Environmental Organizations and Universities

  • Participation in and funding of specific partnership projects
  • Joint research projects
  • Resources for technical assistance
  • Direct communication with relevant SWN employees

See the Environment section for more information.