SWN employees proactively engage in two-way dialogues with local officials, citizens, businesses, nonprofit organizations, emergency responders and land and mineral owners during all phases of our operations.

Every community is unique, so we tailor our approach as appropriate. However, the key elements of our community engagement efforts remain the same everywhere we operate: We share information openly, seek community feedback and work to understand, anticipate and resolve community concerns.

We inform local residents about our operations so they understand in advance what we will be doing and what outcomes they can expect. We listen to community members, responding meaningfully to local issues and looking for ways to add value. We address community concerns as they arise, aid local nonprofits and support schools and emergency responders. We also help residents learn about our company and its culture, build a local workforce and engage with nonprofits, schools and community groups.

Our primary operating regions employ community engagement staff who work with community members to understand local concerns and needs and how we can address them.

However, responsibility for relationships with our neighbors is not housed strictly inside a “community relations” department, but rather is shared among all SWN employees. We ask employees to listen to local residents and share the insights with our community engagement team.

This proactive approach has helped us achieve positive relationships and a good reputation in the communities where we operate and has helped eliminate many community concerns.