Protecting natural resources is not only the right thing to do, it is good business. SWN operates responsibly and strives to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency. Since we view natural gas as an essential part of a lower-carbon energy future, our vision is to safely and responsibly develop our gas and liquids. We take a science-based approach to achieving this vision, actively participating in academic and industry research to develop innovative environmental solutions. We maintain positive and productive relationships with federal and state regulatory agencies, and it is our practice to conform our operations to the spirit – not just the letter – of environmental regulations.

In July 2018, SWN entered into an agreement to provide certified environmentally friendly “SWN Gas” to a utility in the Northeast United States. SWN Gas is produced exclusively from wells that have been certified by the Independent Energy Standards Corporation. This responsibly produced gas focuses on top performance in air quality (methane emissions), freshwater stewardship, chemical management, well integrity and other environmental measures. The SWN Gas sold under the agreement, which is purchased at a price premium, is produced in Appalachia from wells that meet these standards at the Gold-certified level.

Key Metrics

6+ billion

gallons of incremental fresh water delivered to the environment through conservation projects since launching ECH2O® in 2012

48 billion

cubic feet of methane emissions reduced since 2006 through engineering, process and maintenance improvements


methane leak/loss rate for 2017, below our 0.36% goal


of our total well count surveyed for potential methane leaks in 2017


of our Midstream-operated compressor stations surveyed for potential methane leaks in 2017


of identified leaks were repaired