Health and Well-Being

SWN encourages employees to live safe and healthy lifestyles, both on and off the job. To that end, we offer a complete range of employee benefits. Our health and well-being program – called The Right You – promotes well-being in four health focus areas: physical, financial, social and community.


SWN employees receive a wide range of benefits that promote overall well-being, including high-quality health insurance, flexible work hours, an employee assistance program and educational support options.

In 2018, our Human Resources benefits team continued extensive outreach through group sessions and one-on-one discussions to ensure that employees are getting the most from their benefits and saving money where possible (for example, help in understanding the implications of using in-network vs. out-of-network providers and generic vs. name-brand prescriptions).

The Right You and Other Resources

Through The Right You program, SWN provides a range of health and well-being support tools. As an example, free, annual biometric and health screenings and follow-up services are offered at all SWN office locations. In addition to receiving screening results, participants are given information on the impacts of unaddressed health risks and key questions to ask their doctors.

For all work-related medical issues, employees have access to Priority Care 365, a dedicated, toll-free number through which employees can speak with a bilingual Registered Nurse 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For off-the-job urgent health issues, employees have access to similar real-time advice through a United Healthcare nurse line.

We also support a Doctor on Demand® online program, through which enrolled employees can meet with a doctor any time of day or night via Skype or FaceTime, which saves on costs and eliminates time spent in doctors’ waiting rooms. And, we offer in-person and virtual wellness coaching.

In 2018, we added a weight management program that gives employees convenient and flexible tools to increase exercise and manage nutrition at home. We also implemented a companywide education and support program addressing mental health and addiction, including a mobile app employees can use to get help quickly from our external health care providers or internal wellness staff in a time of crisis.

The Right You program includes financial health support, including annual financial health education on-site – in collaboration with a major national bank – for all employees. The program also includes services to help employees protect themselves from identity theft, including educational sessions and an identity theft monitoring program.

In 2018, we expanded the SWN Employee Assistance Services, which provides comprehensive advice and support on financial, legal and other issues that cause stress outside of work, such as finding the right child care or schools. The system works like a personal concierge that employees can use to get help with the services they need.