HSE Management

SWN’s health, safety and environment (HSE) policy states our commitment to protecting SWN employees, contractors, communities and the natural environment in all areas where we conduct business. It is the responsibility of every SWN employee to deliver on our commitment to this policy and partner with our HSE team to comply with applicable safety and environmental standards as well as identify hazards and mitigate risks.

HSE Management System

Our HSE management system, which covers all SWN operating regions and divisions, includes integrated policies, programs, procedures, training and incentives to help us meet our ONE Team goal of zero incidents. It also includes recurring goal-setting and evaluating processes, performance metrics, and clear guidance on actions and processes for protecting health and safety.

All SWN leaders are responsible for instilling a positive HSE culture among their employees, and they are evaluated on and held accountable for the HSE performance of their respective teams.

Our management and performance evaluation systems require that HSE issues never be considered secondary to financial and/or operational issues. This commitment reaches all the way to our Board of Directors, which monitors and holds senior management accountable for the company’s HSE performance. The Board’s Health, Safety, Environment and Corporate Responsibility Committee is the primary point of engagement with SWN management on HSE matters and assists the full Board in discharging its HSE-related responsibilities. We measure leadership engagement in HSE using a balanced scorecard, which includes both leading indicators (e.g., management participation in safety meetings) and lagging indicators (e.g., Total Recordable Injury Rate).