In our industry, it is standard practice to use contractors for a wide range of services, many of which require working on our sites. SWN employees work alongside our contractors every day as ONE Team. True to our Formula, we seek to work with contractors who are the Right People doing the Right Things – those who meet the same high standards we require of our own employees.

ONE Team,
Zero Injuries

Read the feature story on our ONE Team culture to learn how we are working together with our contractors to reach the goal of zero injuries.

Connecting with Our Contractors

We share our culture, expectations and requirements with contractors through the Training Assurance Program (TAP), which is a requirement for all workers – contractors and SWN employees alike – who work at a SWN location. This helps ensure that they will, at a minimum, meet our operating standards. We implement TAP refresher courses every few years to reflect updates to our health, safety and environment (HSE) standards and requirements.

SWN teams hold regular safety meetings with contractors in each of our operating regions to discuss key safety topics and share best practices. SWN’s leadership regularly attends and participates in these meetings.

We also hold regular training sessions for SWN employees to discuss contractor selection and engagement. And we host annual forums to share SWN’s expectations with our contractors and listen to their ideas for how we can all improve.

Contractor Assessment and Selection

We have stringent requirements and processes for selecting, training and evaluating contractors to ensure they meet our high HSE operating standards. Specifically, we use a five-step process to choose, manage and assess contractors. It includes:

  • assessment of contractor qualifications
  • project preparation
  • pre-job activity, including the Training Assurance Program
  • job oversight, including daily safety meetings
  • performance assessments

We use a third-party analysis and management system to coordinate our evaluation and scoring of HSE contractors’ adherence to SWN selection requirements and to manage our relationships with contractors throughout their work with SWN.

In addition, as part of our HSE assurance process, we perform our own contractor assessments, to hold them accountable for following the same HSE expectations and standards to which we hold our own employees.

We prioritize these assessments based on the level of safety and environmental risks associated with the work different contractors do for SWN and the amount of work they do with SWN. If any deficiencies are found, we provide support as they fix the issues, and we follow up to ensure they have completed any required corrective actions. We often learn things from contractors through the assessment process that SWN can adopt and share with other contractors to help us all improve.


contracted companies assessed for HSE standards in 2017