Talent Acquisition and Development

SWN believes in treating every employee with respect, dignity and fairness, and this belief guides our approach to workforce policies and programs – from recruiting and integrating new employees to supporting employees’ development throughout their careers with SWN.

Recruitment and Onboarding

Recruiting people who are driven by a desire to do the Right Things is as important to SWN’s success as finding people with the right technical skills for the job. SWN actively seeks candidates in our areas of operation, as part of a commitment to hiring locally and expanding economic opportunity in our communities. We also recruit through a range of channels to attract candidates who will expand the diversity of our workforce.

SWN offers summer internships to college-level candidates and preferentially hires those who have participated into full-time positions upon graduation. All technical interns spend a portion of their time in field operations to develop a solid understanding of SWN’s core operations.

Similarly, new hires who join SWN directly out of college in petro-technical fields, and some in other disciplines, begin their careers here in a rotational program during which they move through different roles and regions within the company – guided by a SWN mentor – before being placed in a longer-term position.

Sharing the SWN culture with new employees is a key focus of our employee onboarding process. All new employees participate in the R2 (Right People doing the Right Things) workshop, which provides a comprehensive look at who we are as a company. The program also encourages new employees to explore their “why” – their purpose for joining the company and their motivation for coming to work every day – to help build career satisfaction and engagement from the outset.

Training and Development

Developing employees who can lead effectively and are committed doing the Right Things is a priority of SWN’s employee training and development efforts. We use a range of training tools – including in-house training, external courses, conferences, on-the-job guidance and mentoring – to ensure our employees have the latest skills and the knowledge they need.

SWN offers a reimbursement program for employees who take courses relevant to their jobs at accredited colleges or universities.

Also, SWN covers the costs of employees’ memberships and subscriptions to relevant professional development organizations. We also require comprehensive safety training for employees and contractors, as discussed in the Health and Safety section.

Finally, we seek to provide employees with clear feedback on their performance at SWN and how they contribute to the company’s success. Frequent performance discussions and employee development programs help employees set career goals and priorities and monitor progress and achievement.